It’s very frightening for a child to live each day in a violent home.

They hear the threats; see the broken furniture, bruises and blood. They are always frightened for themselves, their siblings and their family. They also learn how to keep secrets, and to never tell on their family.

Even more concerning though is when acts of violence become accepted as ‘normal’ in a family. Children in these homes develop significant behavioural and emotional problems that they take into adult life and their own parenting years.

The team at Family Works see children damaged by family violence everyday.
Social workers see it in the school playgrounds, and in the broken families they work with, Counsellors see it in their quiet sessions with frightened children.
And there is the less obvious damage; terror attacks, nightmares, bed-wetting, and longer-term effects.

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.

Frederick Douglas

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Everyone loses when family violence is tolerated by a society.
The child loses, the family loses, the community loses, and future generations also lose!

Shamefully New Zealand has one of the highest rates of family violence in the developed world. And here on the East Coast we see the same high rates.

This is an epidemic. We can’t keep waiting for someone else to fix it.
But, we can all start working together now to stop this senseless violence to children in our region. And we can change the lives of future generations of children.

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