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People working with people

Working together at PSEC

With the help of 220 staff and 100 volunteers, we provide vital social services to people on the East Coast. This requires talent across a diverse range of exciting roles, from our retail shops, marketing, administration, to social workers, key support workers, service managers and healthcare specialists.

Working for PSEC brings a rewarding career full of variety and new challenges. We need people with empathy, patience and a love of working with people. Some roles require no previous experience, while for others training and experience in the health sector is needed.

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On the job training

A cadetship at Enliven Disability

A twelve-week programme in partnership with the Ministry of Social Development aimed at jobseekers to try their hand at support work in the health sector. New opportunities for cadetship will be offered soon in 2024.

Consider an apprenticeship with Enliven Older People

Working as a Support Worker is not only a job but an opportunity to gain an accredited Level 4 qualification. In partnership with Careerforce, Enliven provide a comprehensive opportunity to earn while you learn. Consider an apprenticeship in support work from Level 2 to an accredited level 4 qualification.

“I have loved Enliven Disability since I started, helping people just does it for me. It’s physically challenging, but somehow it doesn’t feel like hard work. I am so grateful to be working here. This feels like a proper job. I’m doing something with my life that is meaningful.”
Bre Reid, Enliven Disability Support Worker
“I love seeing clients achieve their goals. Enliven is an intensive service but we’re also goal orientated – we aim for positive change.”
Yolande Gibson, Enliven Lead Community Nurse Manager
“I thought disability care would be a great challenge. I’ve loved it since day one.”
Estelle Bence, Enliven Clinical Leader, Rowan House
“I started on a 3-month contract, because Enliven was a pilot at that time. We had two clients, one in Hastings and one in Napier. I realised in a week that I loved the work. We’re just a phone call away.”
Mary Mackrell, Enliven Service Advisor

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You have helped your community to reach their potential.