Most parents want the very best for their children, but some families just have too many complex issues to solve alone.

They need specialist help.

Your donation will be put to immediate use, helping Family Works to provide families with specialist help, one family at a time, so that their children become safe, strong and connected.

Family Works have years of experience working alongside broken families and children.
The team works together, wrapping different services around them according to each family’s need.

Services include:

  • Social workers based in 29 schools in the region, working with children, parents and families in schools. Social workers also work with family in their homes.
  • Counsellors supporting family members in need individual care and healing 
  • Parenting educators providing a range of courses, and working closely with couples and individual parents

The Family Works team knows how to create trust in families so that they can find the courage to change. They know which resources and approaches work best for each situation or family member. They also make referrals to other specialist agencies when needed.

Through this holistic wrap-around service, families start to see their issues and negative behaviour patterns. They commit to a family plan for change, and work together to create a better family life. This is what works best for children.

This is how your Family Works donation will be used.

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