Our mission is to become the organisation of choice for volunteers across the East Coast and to develop each and every one of our volunteers into brand advocates for PSEC. PSEC aims to recruit and retain a quality workforce of volunteers. Ongoing advocacy training and support for service and shop managers with upskilling their volunteers will play a key part in retaining volunteers and ensuring consistently high quality of service.


Volunteers support fundraising activities extensively. They fulfil a number of roles from staffing our retail shops, enriching hospitality skills at events and helping at the annual street appeal. 

Unpaid Professionals

Our volunteers fill roles that allow our services to provide additional levels of care or assistance that would otherwise be outside the remit or budget of paid staff. They also maximise PSEC’s ability to raise funds from our retail shops that support on average less than 1.0 FTE per store.

Whether you have a few hours available to help or want to volunteer on a regular basis we would love to hear from you! 

Types of areas you can volunteer are retail, shops, administration, events, supporting our services and clients - Enliven Centre, Family Works, RealPeople Rowan and Mosaic.  

Above all, volunteers provide the ability for PSEC to deliver above and beyond our contractual obligations and to deliver social services to our local community. We could not provide the care and support to the East Coast Region without the wonderful support of volunteers in the community. You will be making a difference in the lives of people who need it the most!

For further information about volunteering please contact:

Volunteer Manager
A PSEC, 87 Te Mata Road, PO Box 8119, Havelock North 4157
P 06 877 8193
M 027 655 3571
E volunteer@psec.org.nz
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