Every child has a right to be safe in their own home.

Last year, one of our Family Works social workers met a young man who was doing well in his life. Over several conversations they realised that she was the same social worker who had intervened in his life when he was a child - to keep him safe. It was an emotional time for them both when he simply said to her: “You are my Guardian Angel - you saved me.”

Stories like this are not often shared by a person who was ‘saved’ as a child. In this young man’s case, skilled social work gave him a safe childhood to grow up in.

Today he enjoys a good adult life and contributes to his local community. But life would have been very different for him if his family situation had not been changed for the better when he was young.

For thirty years, Family Works has been helping children and families in this region - one family at a time - to transform how they live. Last year alone, 1,379 new clients received crucial support from Family Works. Because of Family Works, there are young adults today in our community who now have happier lives and better life prospects.

But we need your help to continue this important work - because our region still has one of the highest rates of family violence in the country.

Please will you stand alongside Family Works and support today’s vulnerable families to make the courageous changes that will keep more children safe?

Please send a gift to Family Works today. Simply click this link to go to the DONATION page.

Your gift will immediately support those in need through these Family Works services:

  • Counselling children in trauma: Counselling children who witnessed or personally experienced violence requires sensitivity, and skilled care. Counsellors are trained in interactive drawing, sand tray work and other creative play that allow children to safely express their experiences and make sense of their world. Your gift will ensure each child has enough time with their Family Works counsellor to change the impact of their trauma - and be healed from it.
  • Family social work: It takes trust and a great deal of courage for a family to transform the way they live. It also takes time. Your gift will ensure families have enough quality time with their Family Works social worker to really turn their life around.
  • Parenting support: Many of the parents who come to Family Works for help did not grow up in a loving home. Parenting courses and mentoring allow them to learn what parenting is - and what will work best for their child to thrive. Your gift will keep parenting education free for those who are raising a child.

Please send a donation to Family Works today - so that more families can change how they live – and more local children can be safe at home.

I hope you will help.

Nga mihi nui

Mary Wills
Social Service General Manager

P.S You can also support local families and children by donating monthly as a Family Works Guardian Angel.For more information, contact: philanthropy@psec.org.nz

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