Bre's Story

Bre Reid Rowan 3


Bre Reid was interviewed for the role of Disability Support Worker at Rowan on the day of her twentieth birthday, and started two days later.

She didn’t know it at the time, but she had found more than a job – she had found a new direction.

Bre left school when she was 16 years old and worked in supermarkets and fast food outlets. None of these jobs felt like the right fit, so when a Support Worker role at Rowan came up, she decided to apply.

Rowan in Taradale provides a flatting situation for adults with physical disabilities. It’s a lively, friendly place where the staff are guests who support flatters’ everyday tasks and activities.

“I’ve loved it since I started,” Bre says upfront. “Helping people just does it for me. It’s physically challenging, but somehow it doesn’t feel like hard work.”

An early shift at Rowan for a Disability Support Worker starts with typical morning activities. Bre enjoys helping flatters shower, dress for the day and drink their morning coffee. The general housework component of the role isn’t a problem, she says; it’s all part of being there for the Rowan flatters. Bre plans to stay in the health sector, perhaps training to be a nurse in a few years’ time.

“Before this job, I thought I was too queasy for nursing – I couldn’t handle a nosebleed, even. But now, at work, it doesn’t bother me at all.”

 In the meantime, she intends to stay at Rowan for a few years.

 “I’m so grateful to be working here. This feels like a proper job. I’m doing something with my life that is actually meaningful.”

We are recruiting for Disability Support Workers at Rowan now. 

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