By Pam McCann, Manager of Family Works Hawke's Bay

If I were to establish a business I would choose a community that is able to produce enough qualified school leavers to sustain my workforce, a discerning customer base to purchase quality merchandise and a workforce not encumbered by ‘issues’ that prevent them from doing a full day’s work.

This comes from stable, well functioning, prosperous families and communities.

The alternative is poorly nurtured children in unstable, dysfunctional families, educational failure, poor health, crime and a divided, crime-ridden, economically-struggling New Zealand.  

What is it we want for our families, our communities and our nation?

Should we worry about children being harmed, youth offending and parents who are not parenting in a responsible manner?

We can count the cost of violence in our homes and our communities everyday. The cost and burden to our nation is enormous.  

What is the cost into the future if we don’t address the issues today?

American writer, futurist and businessman, Alvin Toffler once said, “Parenthood remains the greatest single preserve of the amateur”.

With all the information, knowledge and research available we should be better than amateur. We should have broken the cycle of poverty, abuse and family violence. 

It is perhaps time we understand the economic impact of not addressing these issues in a sustainable way. We all need to be champions of change and place greater value on parenting, education, family and community wellbeing.

We all want a prosperous New Zealand and we can only achieve it together.

At Family Works Hawke's Bay we are working to make a positive and productive difference in the lives of our families. We are involved in planning a better future for our kids, for their families and for our community by working alongside our kids and families and communities.

We would welcome your support to help us make a difference.

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