What's your wealth really worth?

Have you ever considered yourself a wealthy person? When one understands what wealth really is, you might be surprised to know that you are very wealthy indeed.

So what is wealth? The Oxford Dictionary describes it simply like this:

Noun: A plentiful supply of a desirable thing.
Synonyms: abundance, plethora, treasury, plenitude, amplitude, bounty.

Usually when we talk about wealth, we assume abundant money or material possessions, but when we understand that wealth is simply an abundant supply of something good, then chances are we all have great wealth in some shape or form, and from our abundance we can help others.

But (and there is a big but) we can only give away something we have to begin with. So it’s useful to identify what wealth we have in our own lives, and also how much more its worth when we share it with others.

Take the quick quiz to work out what wealth you have in your life right now (you may have more than one). Do you have plentiful:

  • Time: I have spare time in my life which I could use to help others
  • Skills: I have specific and unique skills that I could offer to help others
  • Relational: I have a number of social connections that I could use to benefit others
  • Emotional: I have an empathetic personality to emotionally support others
  • Entrepreneurial: I have lots of great ideas that I could use to help others
  • Financial: I have money or goods that I could donate to help others
  • Other: I have another useful resource in my life right now to help others.

 Now let’s look at what our wealth is really worth, by looking at our personal legacy…

Our legacy comes from sharing our wealth in our own lifetime and beyond, and it’s what we do with what we have that really matters. Our legacy is often an invisible, intangible thing that we have the opportunity to create now, and pass on to the next generation. It’s our invisible legacies such as our kind acts, wisdom, and talents that have the most profound power in the lives of others, and will become what we are known for.

There’s an ancient proverb that describes this beautifully ~ ‘Give a man a fish, feed him for a day, but teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.’ The most valuable legacy was not the fish, which would feed the man once, but the knowledge of fishing which would feed the man forever.

If we realise that the wealth or abundance we have is there so we can bless others, and receive the joy of giving, perhaps we might view our giving very differently. ‘It’s more blessed to give than to receive.’ Acts 20:35

Now that you know you are wealthy, and your wealth is worth a lot more when you give it away, why not use it to help others and experience the joy of giving today?

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This blog was written by Charlotte McCullough, a marketing guru and mother of three residing on Australia's Gold Coast. She kindly donated her time and expertise to write this article, originally published in the 2018 PSEC magazine. To see our online PSEC magazine library, click here.