Presbyterian Support East Coast's (PSEC) Strategic Plan sets out our direction for the next five years.

As Board Chair, I whole-heartedly believe that what PSEC aims to achieve is worthwhile. We are an organisation based on Christian principles, and have a heritage founded in the Presbyterian Church.

Going forward into the future, my vision for PSEC is that we will continue to be a strong and vibrant charity, which is vitally aware of the needs of the East Coast community.

Maitland Manning

Presbyterian Support East Coast Board Chair

About Us

Presbyterian Support East Coast (PSEC) is a not-for-profit organisation that delivers $11M worth of social services with the help of 220 staff and 200 volunteers.

PSEC has been responding to community needs for over 70 years guided by the vision of our for-bearers to make a positive difference in our communities. We acknowledge the courage of governors and supporters for providing sustainable social services, free to the clients on the East Coast.PSEC will continue to take bold steps, adapt to changing needs of its many communities, investing resources, human and financial, into the provision of new and innovative services.

PSEC is committed to care for people using its knowledge and other resources the most effective way, based on research and measured by positive outcome.

Our aspirations are high, but we don’t do it alone. We are fortunate to have the support from many partners that assist us to deliver on our mission and live our values.

Governance Structure

The Presbyterian Support East Coast Board is made up of elected members from the community and Presbytery representatives, and is responsible for setting the strategy and direction of the organisation. The Board also establishes advisory committees to provide specialist strategic advice to the Board.

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Vision, Purpose & Values

Vision: Communities reaching their potential.

Te Matakite: E nanaiore ana te pito mata o ngā hāpori

Mission: Lead social change with courage and care.

Te Kawenga: Me māia, me kumanu te arahanga i te panoni pāpori.

Values: Service to communities with compassion and innovation.

Ngā Whanonga pono: Kia ngākau aroha, kia auaha te tuku ratonga ki ngā hapori.