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Help build Rowan Apartments

Your donation today helps younger people with complex physical disabilities​ to reach their potential at home.

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Help build a better life for everyone.

Disability support has shifted focus to citizenship and self-determination. As services become more person-directed, the emphasis is on offering greater control and choice over living environments. In Hawke’s Bay alone, over 35 younger people live in aged care facilities due to a lack of alternative options. The healthcare waitlist further highlights the demand, with people seeking support. Each year, we hear from ageing parents who are desperate for housing options for their disabled children. To start combating this situation, we are building Rowan Apartments in Taradale.

Rowan Apartments

For over forty years, Enliven Disability has supported exceptional people to reach ambitious goals. The new Rowan Apartments is more than leading accessible accommodation—it empowers choice, dignity, and control for younger people with complex physical disabilities. We plan to start construction in August 2024 and welcome community support to help bring this vision to life.

Thank you for your support.

Before I moved to Rowan, I lived in a rest home. At Rowan, we can live life as we want, and we can actually do things for ourselves. We can ask for help where we need it.
Enliven flatter
I used to stay in a building that was a nursing home for older people. I really enjoy living at Rowan. It’s nice and peaceful, and I have a lot of friends here.
Enliven Flatter
It just needs to be better. A big component that makes people feel disabled is not being able to interact with the world or their community. My disability isn’t who I am; it’s what I’ve got.
Enliven flatter
A lot of younger people with disabilities are in rest homes because there’s nowhere else for them to go. It’s ridiculous, younger people don’t want to hang with old people and be treated like old people.
Enliven flatter

Meet Sam

Sam* suffered a brain injury and paralysis after a motorcycle accident some years ago. Sam’s elderly parents were struggling to provide support in their family home while juggling their own health needs and their child’s increasing physical support needs.

Despite renovations, their home was far from accessible and late one night Sam, who is fiercely independent, fell in the bathroom. This led to a long hospital stay and then the realisation that things were not working. Then Sam met Enliven Disability.

Sam now thrives with 24-hour staff support (if needed) in a new home that meets all their accessibility needs. Sam’s parents can be parents rather than full-time caregivers – in fact, Sam’s parents returned to work supporting others.

Life-long positive impact in Hawke’s Bay.

This is good news for everyone. Supporting one person has a ripple effect,  supporting their family, our health system, and the wider community. It is with help from people like you that we can make Rowan Apartments a reality. Enliven Disability is a service of Presbyterian Support East Coast. We are committed to serving the East Coast community as we have done since 1946. Together we can have a life-long impact on our community. Thank you for your invaluable continued support and helping where you can.

Building in Taradale, Napier


A message from Sanja

Sanja Majstorović has been PSEC’s Chief Executive for over 12 years and feels privileged to be part of a team that has been improving the lives of local people since 1946. You are an important part of PSEC. It is with your support that we can help our community reach their potential. Let’s make a difference together!

Rowan Apartments Professionals


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