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Help build accessible homes for younger people living with complex physical disabilities in Hawke’s Bay. Bricks start at $100 but you can also click here to give what you can, when you can, and work towards your brick.

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Join us and build a better life for everyone. One brick at a time.

As a foundational supporter at these levels, your name will appear at Rowan Apartments and you will receive exclusive project updates and invitations.
Bricks start at $100 but you can also give what you can, when you can! Click here to give less than $100 or to start regular giving to work towards your brick.

Kirsten Wise
Tobias Taylor
Karen & Mike Rouse
Alison, Nigel, Isla, Harry & Sam Prins
Ken & Dot Foote
Denise Mathers
Carla, Damon and Ben
Valie & Debbie

Why build?

Everybody deserves to have a meaningful life within their community.

Society has shifted its attitudes and hopes for people living with disabilities. The focus has moved towards citizenship and self-determination. As services become more person-directed, the emphasis is on offering greater control and choice over living environments. Rowan Apartments seeks to achieve this for four more people by providing a suitable place to call home. A home that offers a typical, modern, living environment and meets each person’s individual support needs while encouraging community connection.

Combat a critical need

The housing shortage in Hawke’s Bay is well documented but this is even more critical for people who need accessible homes.

The critical shortage of accessible housing in Hawke’s Bay underscores the pressing need for viable solutions. We are building the accessible Rowan Apartments in response to this challenge.

Rowan Apartments stands as a beacon of inclusivity and a positive stride toward addressing the urgent shortage. 

Build suitable housing

Right now, over 35 younger people living with complex physical disabilities are living in aged care facilities due to a lack of suitable alternatives. There is nowhere else to go, no one that can support their physical needs. 

Public health waiting lists further highlight the heavy demand for housing options for younger people with disabilities. Every year we also hear from ageing parents who are challenged to find suitable housing options for their adult children who they care for.

Before I moved to Rowan, I lived in a rest home. At Rowan, we can live life as we want, and we can actually do things for ourselves. We can ask for help where we need it.
Enliven flatter
I used to stay in a building that was a nursing home for older people. I really enjoy living at Rowan. It’s nice and peaceful, and I have a lot of friends here.
Enliven Flatter

You can help

Together we can have a life-long impact on our community.

The estimated build cost including construction and accessibility features is $3.5 million. Members of our community have already pledged over $1 million. Will you join them and help get this important Hawke’s Bay project off the ground?

This is your opportunity to be part of an impact project in Hawke’s Bay, building accessible homes for younger people living with complex physical needs. You can show your early support by buying a brick (or bricks) at Rowan Apartments.


Rowan Apartments

A life-long positive impact in Hawke’s Bay.

With your help, the modern accessible Rowan Apartments will provide a home for four more flatters (residents) with complex physical needs resulting from brain injuries, neurological, or genetic conditions. More than just leading accessible accommodation, Rowan Apartments empower choice, dignity, and control.

Accessible design

Designed with accessibility in mind, Rowan Apartments aims to empower each flatter by offering a living space that aligns with their unique life. Each apartment will be home for two flatters with their own bedroom and ensuite and shared living spaces. 

Specialist support

The apartments will be modern, well-equipped homes designed to meet individual specialist support needs e.g. structural requirements for hoists and ramps. 


By future-proofing these apartments and planning with robustness and flexibility in mind, Rowan Apartments will showcase the optimal approach for accessible homes.


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