Rowan and Mosaic are an innovative disability support service in Hawke's Bay that works alongside young people under 65 living with disability.

Our aim is to enable our clients to live life to the fullest by offering choice, building confidence and skill acquisition, that empowers and supports people to live an ordinary life as valued members of the community  Rowan and Mosaic are adjacent to one another in Taradale, Napier.


Mosaic provides a community based vocational service for adults under 65 with a disability. Our programme offers educational based training courses that support skill acquisition, personal development and self confidence.  We aim to support students to become as independent as possible and take a valued role in their community.

Our programme provides ways for our students to develop practical skills that can be applied to everyday life. The programme is offered via flexible ten week courses and a community participation programme. Courses are provided in a variety of subjects, which are responsive to the interests and aspirations of our student group. The following are examples of courses that may be offered to students each term;

Vocational skills: literacy, creative writing, numeracy, radio show, computer and internet courses.

Fine Arts & Crafts: Painting, drawing, printmaking, & mixed media work, independent art studio spaces, jewellery making, mosaic clay sculpture, home craft and woodwork

Social opportunities: Student social group, music group, indoor games, exploring the outdoors, walking groups and leisure activities.

Community participation: Community participation is a part of our programme and is offered to all students who enrol. Most courses will integrate community experiences for our students, building independence and natural supports within their community. Students who identify CP as a goal for them can choose a variety of vocational and leisure activities suited to their needs and aspirations. 


Rowan is a residential care facility for 22 people. We aim to create an atmosphere that promotes a sense of community and responsibility. Staff work alongside clients to support them with every day tasks, assisting them where necessary. Rowan is a fun, nurturing and friendly place to live.


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429 Gloucester Street, Taradale

06 844 6139


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