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About PSEC

Presbyterian Support East Coast (PSEC) is a not-for-profit charity formed in 1946. We are one of the seven independent regional organisations making a difference in New Zealand under the Presbyterian Support group.

What we do

With the help of over 200 staff and 100 volunteers, we provide over $14M cost of social services to local people each year.

Across our two services, Enliven and Family Works, we support disabled people to have good lives, opportunity, and choice and we support children, whānau, and older people to make positive change in their lives. Our aspirations are high, but we don’t do it alone. We are fortunate to have the support from many partners that assist us to achieve our mission and live our values.

Our Vision | Te Matakite

Communities reaching their potential
E nanaiore ana te pito mata o ngā hāpori

Our Mission | Te Kawenga

Lead social change with courage and care
Me māia, me kumanu te arahanga i te panoni pāpori

Our Values | Ngā Whanonga Pono

Kaitiakitanga ~ Guardianship
Whanaungatanga ~ Connections
Kotahitanga ~ Unity


Our achievements

Our Annual Report reflects on the positive outcomes achieved over the last financial year. 


Our direction

Our Strategic Plan shares the goals and aspirations guiding our future and direction to 2030.


Our organisation

Leading social change with courage and care to see communities reaching their potential.

Our people | Ā mātou tāngata

Our Patron and Board is made up of elected community members and Presbytery representatives. The Board is responsible for setting the strategy and organisational direction for our Executive Team and Advisors, over 200 staff and 100 volunteers.

Our sustainability journey | Tā mātou haerenga whakauka

Our services are guided by our environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles. We have partnered with Massey University sustainability experts to help us become a sustainability-oriented organisation.

Our history | Tā mātou hītori

Since 1946 we have progressively widened our focus to respond to community needs. Our head office was originally the Hillsbrook Children’s Home which was formed by Presbyterian Social Services Association of Hawke’s Bay and Poverty Bay (as PSEC was then known) in 1947.

PSEC in the community

Arohiwi Station

We are the sole Shareholder of Arohiwi Station Limited, a 963ha farm one hour inland from Napier and Hastings. The farm dividends support our social services. Acquiring the adjoining Paige Hill has enabled greater scale, diversification, and farming efficiency.

The Scott Fund Trust

The Scott Fund Trust is a charitable fund set up under the will of the late David Henry Scott. Trust income supports disabled people under the age of 21 with educational and vocational assistance.

Message from Sanja

Sanja Majstorović has been PSEC’s Chief Executive for over 12 years and feels privileged to be part of a team that has been improving the lives of local people since 1946. You are an important part of PSEC, whether you are a donor, a volunteer, a staff member, or a business supporter. It is with your support that we can help our community reach their potential. Let’s make a difference together!

We are people helping people

In this video you will see many PSEC locations and meet our Service Managers, Executive Team, and an Advisor. We are a passionate, skilled, and caring team working together on one goal – serving local people.


No, Presbyterian Support East Coast is not a church or a faith-based charity specifically. Presbyterian Church members founded Presbyterian Social Services Association of Hawke’s Bay and Poverty Bay (as PSEC was known in 1946) which has influenced the charity’s name.
The Presbyterian Support East Coast Board is made up of elected members from the community and Presbytery representatives and is responsible for setting the strategy and direction of the organisation. The Board also establishes advisory committees to provide specialist strategic advice to the Board.

PSEC has over 200 staff and 100 volunteers across various sites in Hawke’s Bay and Gisborne.

PSEC was formed in 1946 and was known at that time as Presbyterian Social Services Association of Hawke’s Bay and Poverty Bay.

Presbyterian Support East Coast provides social services to disabled people, older people, and children and families through their services, Enliven and Family Works.

“I have people around me who care about me. It’s that human contact and the conversation at the end of the day.”
Colleen Dewson, feedback about Enliven Older People
“Fantastic group, always positive and the ladies actually listen and care.”
Feedback about Enliven Older People
“I love Mosaic. It’s a great place for everyone with a disability and you learn lots of new things and you refresh your mind on things you have learnt before. I always learn something new every day I come to Mosaic.”
Feedback about Enliven Disability Community Services
“Great safety programme – learnt a lot about how to keep myself safe now and in the future. Recommend it to other women in a domestic violence relationship.”
Feedback about Family Works
“Showed me tools to deal with life situations I’ve never known how to cope with. It’s helped me more than anything else I’ve ever done.”
Feedback about Family Works
“It is a good place and making new friends.”
Feedback about Enliven Disability Community Services