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Progress at Rowan House – Enliven Disability

Progress at Rowan House

Flood recovery work at Rowan House is well underway. The strip-out and discovery work started early March. The exposed (stripped) areas have dried out and the silt-filled stormwater and foulwater drains have been cleaned out with a suction truck.

There is still some cleaning out to do underneath the neighbouring Mosaic building and decking which has been found deeper than first thought and needs to be removed to mitigate any perceived Health and Safety risk.

Detailed moisture checks of the twelve-bed main Rowan House and Studio building are complete, and they appear to have escaped stormwater damage except for two bedrooms and some areas of silt inside the brick wall cavity cladding.

The reinstatement works started mid-May and are anticipated to be complete mid-August. Completion date largely depends on timing of delivery of specialised materials like the fire-rated door sets!

The project team have confirmed that the bathroom wall vinyl is durable, and are now choosing joinery laminate colours and paint colours to go with floor, walls, and joinery.

The old storage building which was inundated with floodwater is being removed.

There is a lot to consider with this reinstatement project and the collective team are working hard to see our flatters back in their homes as soon as possible.

Although insured, there is a shortfall, and we are relying on donations to close that financial gap. If you can help, please consider donating online at or call 0800 002 953 if you’d prefer to give credit card details over the phone

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