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Rowan House refurbishment update – Enliven Disability

Enliven Disability’s Taradale residential service was flood damaged as a result of Cyclone Gabrielle in February. The initial reinstatement work was completed. Since flatters are already out of their homes because of the flood damage work, it made sense to move forward with futureproofing and improvements now. That way, we are avoiding having to displace flatters again for future refurbishments.

The refurbishment work is progressing well. Exciting news, it won’t be long before some flatters can return home. In the main house area, the new carpets and wall paint is looking great!

The photo on the left is one of the houses a few months back, and right shows the progress.

Rowan House Appeal
Under more normal circumstances we would need to fundraise before doing any refurbishments. Since flatters have already been out of their homes for the flood damage work, it makes sense to complete the refurbishments now. Your donation today will support flatters to live to their full potential when they return home.
Thank you for your support.
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