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2023 PSEC Annual General Meeting – 25 October 2023

2023 PSEC Annual General Meeting

The 2023 PSEC Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place on October 25th at the Havelock North Function Centre in Hastings, with a theme of ‘Communities reaching their potential.’ During the event, both the Chairman and CEO expressed gratitude to the management and staff for their achievements in the 2022/23 year. They emphasised the strong leadership within the organisation, highlighting the professionalism and dedication of all staff and the robust Executive and Senior teams.

Over the past year, PSEC provided over $14 million cost of community social services and demonstrated resilience during an emergency response to Cyclone Gabrielle, the service disruptions that followed, and ongoing repair and recovery efforts. A moment of silence paid tribute to the passing of PSEC Life Member, Rev. Nolan Martin, and recognition was given to Patron Maitland Manning, along with the introduction of three new PSEC Members.

Many supports and partners were acknowledged, including but not limited to the PSEC Board of Governance, Arohiwi Station Ltd, The Scott Fund Trust, devoted PSEC volunteers, Presbyterian Parishes, and funders made up of individual donors, trusts, and government agencies. PSEC also highlighted its partnerships with regional and national sector organisations and its federation with the other six Presbyterian Support regions.

PSEC remains dedicated to seeing communities reach their potential. There is a clear vision for the future with the Strategic Plan 2030 placing greater emphasis on disability services. Investments have already been made in the disability management structure and disability advocate, Korrin Barrett, has been appointed as a Board Observer. PSEC’s operations are guided by Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, underscoring its commitment to sustainable practices.

Read the 2023 Annual Report on our website.

Photo: Maitland Manning (PSEC Patron), Peter Tod (Chairperson, Arohiwi Station Board), and Peter Barnes (PSEC Member).
Photo: Andrew Wordsworth, (PSEC Service Manager, Enliven Disability), Sanja Majstorovic (PSEC CEO), and Kai Jugo (PSEC Operations Manager, Enliven Disability)
Maitland Manning (PSEC Patron) and Helen Manning
Rev. Wayne Toleafoa (St Columba’s, Havelock North Church & PSEC Member) Warren Hokke (PSEC Board)
REv. Brett Walker (St Columba’s Taradale), and Rev. Simon McLeay (Chaplin Iona College) 
Stuart Signal, (PSEC Board Chairman), Sanja Majstorovic (PSEC CEO), and Denise Bradley (PSEC Volunteer and Member)
Warren Hokke (PSEC Board) and Ken Foote (PSEC Board)
David McDonald (PSEC Board), Sanja Majstorovic (PSEC CEO), Carlotta Bauer (PSEC Service Manager, Family Works Hawke’s Bay), and Stuart Signal (PSEC Board Chairman).