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Enliven Disability Sensory Garden

Enliven Disability flatters are all smiles after receiving the first round of donations for our much-anticipated Sensory Garden. Sensory Garden concepts are more associated with Autism and Mental Health Services, but we’re on a mission to be the first in New Zealand to have a top-notch Sensory Garden and Room for Physical Disability Services. After the ground is blessed, we’ll start digging and set the pathway and sleepers. The garden plans include plants, chimes, water features, solar lights, and more. The space will provide soothing visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory, and tactile experiences that improve flatter, staff, and visitor wellbeing. But it’s not just about plants and lights – it’s an excellent chance for our community and Enliven Disability Residential Services teams to create something lasting together. Our dream? To make this Sensory Garden a reflection of PSEC, Hawke’s Bay, and New Zealand – a lush, bi-cultural oasis at the heart of Enliven Disability’s Rowan residential service. Sign up to receive PSEC news and updates so we can keep you posted as the magic unfolds!

Shoutout to Green Leaf Plant Nursery in Clive for donating the first batch of plants. Thank you!

If you can donate items suitable for the Sensory Garden or Room, please email