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Enliven Disability resonating with the next generation

Enliven Disability had a delightful afternoon tea this week, where our flatters and team welcomed 10-year-old Thea. Thea generously donated fundraised food to our services and our Chef, Matt Harris, received the donations with gratitude. Such kindness from someone so young is rare and heartwarming, showing that our community’s efforts are resonating with the next generation.

Thea’s visit was truly inspiring. One memorable moment was when Thea and her mum received a bouquet of flowers from us, a small token of our appreciation. Thea also reached out to Ash, one of our flatters, sharing a special connection. In another touching moment, she spoke about the gifts she had brought us.

This event highlighted the positive impact our staff and flatters have and the importance of community support. Thea’s gesture reminded all of us at Rowan of the goodness in our world and the difference one person can make. Thank you,Thea!

Thank you for giving

You have helped your community to reach their potential.