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The latest news and events from PSEC
Through our Family Works service, we aim to make Aotearoa New Zealand the best place in the world to grow…
Enliven Disability Service is seeking Registered Nurses to work across our residential and community disability support services Enliven Disability support…
We are looking for enthusiastic Support Workers to join the team at Enliven Disability at our residential service in Taradale…
Enliven Intensive Home Support, a service of Presbyterian Support East Coast (PSEC) provides support services for older people so they…
“My first thought was – what’s my team going to need? If they weren’t OK, they wouldn’t be able to support others.”
Carleen Te Nahu, Family Works Clinical Team Leader
“I have people around me who care about me. It’s that human contact and the conversation at the end of the day.”
Colleen Dewson, Enliven Older People client
“I have loved Enliven Disability since I started, helping people just does it for me. It’s physically challenging, but somehow it doesn’t feel like hard work. I am so grateful to be working here. This feels like a proper job. I’m doing something with my life that is meaningful.”
Bree Reid, Enliven Disability Support Worker
“Look forward to Thursday every week and I love coming. The staff are lovely people and are very caring.”
Enliven Community Services client

    Older people

    Disabled people